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Welcome to Split! Without hiding their pride, the people of Split will tell you that their city is "the most beautiful one in the world and beyond". You better not discuss this with them for well spirited Split will convince you in this as soon as you discover it!


  • Cathedral of Saint Domnius

    Among the European cathedrals the one in Split finds its seat in the oldest building - the Mausoleum of the Roman Emperor ...

  • Marjan

    Marjan is the primary symbol of Split. Nature plated the northern slopes mainly in limestone, while the southern ones are set ...

  • Diocletian Palace

    Diocletian's Palace is among the best preserved monuments of the Roman building heritage in the world. Owing to the research ...

  • The Riva

    The Riva started to look the way it does today two centuries ago, when the French, in time of Napoleon ruled these parts ...

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