Spaladium Arena

06.03.2015. - 06.03.2015.


04.03.2015. - 08.03.2015.

This year fair GAST is celebrating 20th anniversary. Fair GAST it's a leading gastronomical and tourism event in Croatia, and gathering place of ...

Edukacija za iznajmljivače

27.02.2015. - 27.02.2015.

Museum of city Split

01.02.2015. - 28.02.2015.

Museum of city Split, fundus exhibition:  It is an illegal exhibition of paintings and sculpture art, which was held, in the apartment of ...

Welcome to Split!

Without hiding their pride, the people of Split will tell you that their city is "the most beautiful one in the world and beyond". You better not discuss this with them for well spirited Split will convince you in this as soon as you discover it!

This for ever young city with the population of about 200,000 that give it its warm Mediterranean temper, has lived its urban rhythm for as long as 1700 years, with its heart in the Diocletian Palace and its soul widespread to embrace you.

Ever since the life of the city protected by the UNESCO and entered into the register of the World Cultural Heritage has been writing the history of this unique capital of Dalmatia.


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Game of Thrones
Pino Split