Renowned citizens

Renowned citizens

Andrija Buvina - A 13th century Croatian sculptor and painter, author of the Door-Posts of the Cathedral of St. Domnius, one of the best examples of the Romanesque sculpture in Croatia.

 Ante Trumbić (1864-1938) - lawyer, one of the greatest Croatian politicians of the 20th century, the first Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, Mayor of Split.
Antonio Bajamonti  (1822-1891) - one of the most meritorious Mayors of Split. Brought drinking water to Split, and restored the Diocletian's aqueduct, built the Theatre Bajamonti, Prokurative, Monumental fountain (demolished in 1947), the pier, opened the path through Diocletian Palace Substructures from Peristyle to the Riva...
Boris Dvornik (1939-2008) - A theatre, television and film actor, director and screenwriter. Acted in more than 40 films, numerous television dramas and TV shows.
Emanuel Vidović (1870-1953) -  was a painter of intimism, his paintings were mostly connected to the city of Split and Trogir, his work is exhibited in the Emanuel Vidović Gallery.
Emil Stock (1868-1951) - entrepreneur, civil engineer, producer of alcoholic beverages, founder of the Stock factory.
don Frane Bulić (1846-1934) - priest, archaeologist, historian, conservator, founder of the Archaeological Museum of Split and a researcher of the remainder of the Roman and early Christian Salona.
Franz von Suppé (1819-1895) - composer, father of the Viennese operetta.
Ivo Tartaglia (1880-1949)- the most important Mayor of Split of the 20th century. He was responsible for building the Lička railway towards Zagreb in 1925, the meteorological station on Marjan, the Oceanographic institute, Department of Public Health, Fire Department, children's and old people's home, electrification of Split, restoration of the Riva, opening of the Zoo, expansion of the harbour, renewing Marjan and Bačvice, creating the first Urban Plan...
Ivo Tijardović (1895-1976) - Croatian composer, writer and painter. He was the director of the Croatian National Theatre in Split, and the anti-fascist Mayor of the city during the Second World War. He composed eight operettas of which the most famous are "Mala Floramye" and "Spli'ski akvarel", depicting the ambient of Split between the two World Wars.
Jakov Gotovac (1895-1982), Croatian opera conductor and composer, author of the opera "Ero s onoga svijeta" (Ero the Joker).
Josip Hatze (1879-1959) - Croatian composer, conductor and choirmaster. His greatest success was in the vocal lyricism, also the music school in Split carries his name.
Julije Bajamonti (1744-1800) - medical doctor, writer, philosopher, composer, historian and encyclopaedist.
Luka Botić (1830-1863) - writer, politician, botanist, fighter for the unification of Croatia and Dalmatia.
Ljubo Stipišić Delmata (1938-2011) - composer, conductor, ethnomusicologist. He gained his popularity as a leader and founder of many klapa's (small choirs performing Dalmatian a capella songs) and for recording the Dalmatian music heritage. He is one of the founders of the Festival of Dalmatian klapa's in Omiš.
Markantun de Dominis (1560-1624) - Archbishop of Split and a scientist, who was attacked by the Vatican and the inquisition after advocating the dialog between the churches and also for his criticism of the Catholic Church. As a Doctor of Theology from the Cambridge University he also significantly contributed to physics, explaining the formation of a rainbow and connecting the tides with the influence of the Sun and the Moon.
Marko Marulić (1450-1524) - Croatian writer and a Christian humanist, due to his work "Judita" he gained the title of "the father of Croatian literature".
Marko Uvodić Splićanin (1877-1947) - Croatian journalist and writer. He wrote short stories in Split dialect, gathered in the collections „Libar Marka Uvodića Splićanina“ and „Drugi libar Marka Uvodića Splićanina“, portraying the Split mentality and humour of "the little man". 
Miljenko Smoje (1923-1995) - One of the most prominent Croatian journalists of all time, although his fame, outside of Split, was mostly due to his authorship of the famous television shows "Naše malo misto" and "Velo misto".
Miroslav Radman (1944) - biologist, member of the French Academy of Sciences and the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities, founder of the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences.
Toma Arhiđakon (1200-1268) - elected Archbishop of Split, historian and chronicler, author of Historia Salonitana.
Vasko Lipovac (1931-2006) - painter, sculptor, graphic artist.
Vid Morpurgo (1838-1911) -  Croatian publisher, printer, bibliographer, librarian and politician. In the year 1860 he opened his own book shop on today's city square Narodni trg, still open today as one of the oldest ones in Europe.
Zdenko Runjić (1942-2004) - one of the most prolific, popular and awarded composers of popular music, founder of the Dalmatian evergreens.
Zdravka Krstulović (1940-2003) - Theatre, television and film actress, known to the general public for her roles as Anđa Vlajna in the show "Naše malo misto" and Violeta in "Velo Misto".




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