Veli Varoš

Veli Varoš and Lucac combine a sort of ...

Veli Varoš

Veli Varoš and Lučac keep the Split city core in a "historical sandwich", competing for the title of the oldest suburbs. Citizens of Lučac boast with the ancient Illyrian toponym Radunice, while the citizens of Veli Varoš stress their ancientness climbing the Marjan hill above.
Veli Varoš abounds with well preserved local architecture and original local ambient. Walking uphill in Veli Varoš should be repeated couple of times in order to perceive the remainder of the games stones play up the steep streets and in order to catch all the details while looking over the rooftops from the Prva Vidilica (First Peak).
Among the best known architectural monuments the most famous is the Church of St. Mikula from the 11th century, on the lintel above the facade, next to the images of lionesses is the name of the citizen Ivan and his wife Tiha.
Let us mention once again also the churches that adorn Veli Varoš, church of Our Lady of Soca, the Holy Cross and St. Francis. Veli Varoš has been, until recently, the symbol of fishermen from Split who lived poorly of their daily sardines (Spli'ski akvarel, musical by Ivo Tijardović), while today real-estate prices in this part of the city have gone through the roof.
Many famous opera singers came from Veli Varoš, like Noa Matošić, Ante Marušić and Ratomir Kliškić, as well as Miljenko Smoje, the famous journalist and publicist.



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